The Need:

The present day school syllabus coaching methods and the examination techniques at school level do not give enough scope for achieving the required depth of knowledge in subjects like Mathematics, Physics , Chemistry & Biology towards tough competitive exams like the JEE/ NEET/ AIPMT etc. We find from our personal experience in coaching students of XI and XII Stds towards JEE (M + Adv ) / NEET/ AIPMT etc. that most students lack the basic understanding of the subjects even though they have scored very high marks in their X Std examinations. The Project Excellence Jr. course is designed to set right this shortcoming in school learning and approach. Course Objective The main objective of this course is to make the student understand and master basic concepts in the subjects of Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry & Biology and apply that knowledge and understanding to solve numerical problems of various complexities. The observation is, education at the school level in the area of science is more 'theoretical' in nature than 'problem-solving' or 'application-based' approach. Concepts are also best understood and reinforced once a student solves problems based on them. A solid foundation laid at this stage helps an aspiring Engineer think comfortably in 'numbers'. This makes him/her learn application-oriented subjects easily in his/ her professional (Engineering/ Medical) degree course.

Expert Faculty:

The students will be guided by senior Professors of RAJAT ACADEMY. The expertise of RAJAT ACADEMY's teachers in coaching students and the highest esteem in which our students hold them make RAJAT ACADEMY the pre-eminent institution for learning skills and acquiring knowledge. Our expertise puts the student in the forefront in this competitive world.

Counselling Parents / guardians are most welcome with prior appointment to enquire about their ward’s performance and progress. Regular Tests & Paper Discussions Periodical tests will be conducted. The marks scored in the tests and the attendance details of the student will be sent to the parents regularly through sms / email. Full Course Fee (for both IX & X Stds) to be paid in full before the start of the course. Important Note Fees once paid will not be refunded or adjusted against any other course under any circumstance. If a student leaves the course before its completion he/she will not have any claim for refund of fees. Rules of Admission Students must abide by the rules and regulations of the institution. If found otherwise, they will be removed from the rolls. Registration & Enrolment is now on. Registration can be done by paying Rs.5000/- as advance adjustable against the course fee.

Everyone is ambitious .But being ambitious is not sufficient to reach at the peak. To become success in competitive exams.

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